Forward work positioning is decreasing. Businesses with lower than $10m in revenue are looking at 20% less profitable confirmed work over the next 12-24 months.

Just 27% of respondents in 2020 saying they had more than 12 months profitable forward work, compared to 19% of respondents in 2019.

69% had contracts cancelled or delayed due to COVID-19.

25% plan to reduce staff numbers

The problem:

A demanding industry
with a challenging future.

For tradies the future is a busy yet confusingly uncertain prospect. It has never been a more challenging time to be involved in the construction industry. With Covid-19 recovery efforts, this looks to be the case for the foreseeable future.

NZ statistics show less profitable confirmed work, high levels of competition causing slim margins on work being undertaken, training and staff shortfalls, as well as exhaustive impact caused by new regulations across the industry.

But the most important statistics:

There have been over 300 suicides Since 2010 by construction workers & tradies across NZ.


Kiwis affected by suicides or serious harm incidents in the NZ construction industry.

571,300 NZ construction workers    Average household size of 2.3 persons    1,542,510

The idea:

So where does
Tools Down fit in?

Tools Down has been formed to bring together industry players to support and improve the environment of the team of 1.5 million kiwis affected by mental and emotional health issues in the construction industry. We think the statistics speak for themselves, and we recognise that we are in a position to help.

We aren’t on the tools, but the team here at Tools Down operate alongside  and support the NZ construction industry. We want to do what we can to tackle mental and emotional health and well-being head on, and right now, we want you to help us identify how.

The mission:

Reduce suicide and serious

injuries and harm by 50% by 2025.

Raise awareness for mental and physical health and wellbeing in the tradie industry.

Create an engaging way for tradies to get involved and further spread awareness of this issue.

Encourage tradies to share their experience/stories and advice for their peers – and show people that may be struggling that it’s okay to ask for help.

Offer advice on how to stay safe and how to reach out if in need of mental health help, not be the ambulance at the bottom of the cliff

Where you come in:

Help us help you, & go in the draw to win a
Weber BBQ courtesy of Tools Down.

We know times are tough. We recognise that tradies now more than ever are working in a demanding industry that faces a challenging future.

The team at Tools Down along with our partner network are banding together to help you and your crew get through. We want to help, and we want you to tell us how.

How can we help you?

Fill in the simple questionnaire and go in the draw to win a Weber Q2000 courtesy of Tools Down. Takes 60 seconds tops, and will allow us to get you and your team the help you need, not the help we think you might.